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Style Birmingham Live

Style Birmingham Live is a fantastic three-day fashion extravaganza, with 14 catwalk shows featuring the best of the city’s shops. Following the success of last years event, FantaLED video wall was once again used as the technical solution for this flagship event in Birmingham. Many tiles of FantaLED P15.6 mesh were built to create a huge picture across the entire rear wall of the Birmingham town hall. The existing stage at the venue was once again clad in white materials and a thrust was added using in-house staging. The lighting specification for the event was quite significant with over 100 lighting fixtures utilised, all controlled from a an Avolites Pearl.

The Show was hosted by the fashionable George Lamb, (Big Brother’s Little Brother presenter), who was superb at raising the level of excitement pre and post show!

Product used: P15.6mm outdoor LED strip curtain
Cabinet size: 1000x500mm
Screen size: 9 x 4.0m
Screen area: 36 m2
Place: Birmingham, UK