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A great successful exhibition LED China of FantaLED

Last week from 19th to 21st September, FantaLED had a great exhibition at LED China in Shanghai and this exhibition is one of the biggest exhibtions in China for LED and signage industry. 

FantaLED built a 45 sqm booth at this fair, and showed most of the products from PixelPRO family including PixelTotem, PixelDrop and PixelBar Mini which were already showcased in the past exhibitions. Beside of these products, FantaLED showed one more innovative product named PixelRobot 3D. Like its name, it is a real 3D LED video products and the modules are driven by robotic motors. The motors will drive the modules in and out, and all the steps are programmed and controlled by the software from PC, to achieve a real 3D effect. 

Almost all the visitors came by stopped at FantaLED booth and saw the PixelRobot working, really impressive. Some professional visitors claim that PixelRobot was the best product at the whole exhibition. If you want to know more about it, please feel free to contact FantaLED sales people.