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Creative PixelPRO Products at InfoComm

As the largest professional AV trade show in North America, InfoComm 2019 ended in a satisfactory way.


FantaLED showcased their innovative products during the exhibition, which included PixelBrick, PixelDrop, PixelBar Mini, PixelTotem and PixelRobot. PixelBrick, PixelDrop and PixelTotem were displayed at former InfoComm, while PixelRobot and PixelBar Mini were at their debut at this show.


As the first kinetic LED screen in China, there was no doubt that PixelRobot was impressive which made customers stopped by to check and took videos on it. There were shining and excitements in their eyes when they saw it.


PixelRobot has two types, one is PR4.8 in cabinet size 500x500mm and module size 250x250m, and the other is PR5 in cabinet size 400x400mm and module size 100x100mm. Many cabinets can connect together into a big screen, similar to regular LED screens. Modules move in and out to coordinate the videos to create 3D effects; also it can add music for a combination.


PixelBar Mini is a small size LED bar with different dimensions for shelves. It can be used on shelves at supermarkets, retail stores, brand shops etc for product information.


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